Conferences’ current increasing demands, have led us to the creation of a contemporary and at the same time functional network application, which aims to support conferences’ functions and organization.
is an integrated information system of conference management which includes all the necessary procedures for the full and eligible organization and administration of a congress.

The developments in technology and the capacities of broadband network, have led us to the implementation of an application which permits us the function of a web slide reception, where each speaker can send his presentation from wherever he is, by logging in the web slide reception with pre-arranged username and password in order to secure his data’s safety.

Therefore, with the creation of a web slide reception we ensure the safe and timely transfer of the presentations. Furthermore, in the area where the congress takes place there is the local slide reception where each participant can make any necessary changes to his presentations or can be informed on the conference’s schedule, in a friendly environment.

The network’s operator can eventually send, with one simple movement, all the presentations in all the rooms that the congress takes place and also make any alterations without delaying or interrupting the conference.

The application’s main advantage is the simultaneous recording of the speaker with his presentation in video format. This video may be widely used so that others can view it either through the internet or in the congress itself.

Therefore, it is the first time that in the congress area there appears a special area for the presentations that have already been presented. Every participant can now attend the entire schedule that is of interest to him, without missing points of interest in a presentation.

Consequently, according to the technological advancements in information technology and the new needs generated,
P.C. PODIMATAS AUDIOVISUAL S.A. can provide a brand new and integrated solution for the efficient organization of a conference.


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